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Equestrian Trails

San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park offers the equestrian the opportunity to ride through a variety of outstanding natural areas on horseback.

  • Cellon Creek Trail: The 3.6-mile Cellon Creek Trail winds through shady woods along the Cellon Creek.
  • Turkey Creek Loop: Enjoy wide open fields and the shade of pinewoods by riding the 4.4-mile Turkey Creek Loop Trail.
  • Cypress Knee Trail: The Cypress Knee Trail is a 2.1 mile trail that skirts a small wetland where cypress knees may be seen.
  • Sidewinder Trail: Meandering .5 miles around wet-weather ponds and along slopes, Sidewinder Trail is enclosed within the eastern border of Turkey Creek Loop.
  • Sanchez Trail: Creating a loop which begins and ends on the southernmost point of Turkey Creek Loop, Sanchez Trail follows the flow of the Turkey Creek, adding an additional 1.4 miles to your ride.
  • Hidden Pond Trail: The Hidden Pond Trail begins in roughly the same location as Piney Woods Trail. It is a 1.1 mile trail that is routed past the seasonal Hidden Pond, before it rejoins Piney Woods Trail.
  • Piney Woods Trail: Traveling clockwise, the 2.2 mile Piney Woods Trail begins approximately 2 miles into the Turkey Creek Loop Trail as you cross Turkey Creek, and traverses through some of the pinelands in the park. 

Horse drawn carriages are welcome on both the Cellon and Turkey Creek trails. The two single-track trails (Sanchez and Sidewinder) are not wide enough to accommodate carriages. Please call at least one day in advance to obtain entrance to the carriage gate. Mon-Fri call (386)462-7905, Sat-Sun (352)955-2008.

The mountain bike and equestrian trails are separate trails and meet only at well-cleared intersections.

Pets, except for horses, are not allowed.

All horse riders are required to have proof of negative Coggins on their person or in their saddlebag.