Mountain Biking
"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." ~ Edmund Hillary


This 1.5 mile loop meanders through a beautiful hammock and provides several views of Turkey Creek. To access this trail, take the connector off the northeasternmost point of Soggy Bottom immediately prior to the Turkey Creek bridge.

Odd Buck

This 1.7 mile loop got its name from the 9-point and 7-point deer skulls found when planning this trail. This trail is accessed from the easternmost point of the Ravine trail. It features some elevation change, and combines fun riding with beautiful scenery.

Bramble Ramble

This 1 mile trail connects Tung Nut Loop near Itchy Bottom Lake to Sweetgum. The trail rambles through blackberry patches and under longleaf pines, gently gaining or losing elevation. It is a great way to get to the more remote trails without the repeated climbs found on Tung Nut Loop.


This 2.5 mile loop, accessed from Canebrake 8 is for advanced riders only. This trail features tight turns and short, steep elevation changes with multiple approaches to Sanchez Prairie.

Hammock Hub

This 1.5 mile loop features short, steep climbs and drops, which present challenges for some and fun for others. Access this trail via a short connector from Tung Nut Loop at the picnic table (at an area known as power bar overlook or the memorial).

Tung Nut Loop

Tung Nut winds through hills, open fields, and hammocks. You ride past Tung Nut Depot and skirt along the rim of Sanchez Prairie. After passing the picnic table the trail heads down toward Itchy Bottom Lake, where a short spur takes you to a scenic overlook of the lake. Take the double track west and north to complete the loop.

Meadow View

This 2.5 mile trail connects Cottontail Trail and Tung Nut Loop. The trail climbs through hills, open fields, and hammocks. Although not technical, parts of the trail are bumpy and include elevation changes.

Cellon Creek Loop

Cellon Creek Loop starts at the bike trailhead parking lot, and winds east along the south side of Cellon Creek. The trail turns north across the creek, and then goes back into the hammock and west along the north side of the creek. The trail exits the hammock along the northern boundary of the park and follows the fence line to the bathrooms and picnic pavilion.

Cottontail Trail

This 1 mile loop, suitable for beginners, starts at the bike trailhead parking lot and brings you back to the park entrance, bathrooms, and picnic pavilion. This trail has almost no elevation change and most of it is in the shade of the tree line.

Hidden Rise

This 3 mile loop features a couple of challenging hills and a short bridge. To access this trail, take the connector off Pine For You.

Pine For You

This 2.5 mile loop features some elevation change and beautiful scenery. In addition to the pine forest, there are several massive oak trees. To access this trail, take the connector off the easternmost point of Dogwood Loop.

Dogwood Loop

This 1 mile loop is relatively flat and passes through a pine forest. To access this trail, take the connector off the easternmost point of Redbug Run.

Redbug Run

This loop has challenging, steep climbs and drops. This trail is accessed by taking the connector off the east side of Soggy Bottom. The connector will take you to the bicycle bridges that cross Turkey Creek. There is a picnic table on the island, which makes this a popular rest stop. Continue beyond the creek for about a half mile to this trail.

Soggy Bottom Loop

This 1 mile flat loop meanders through a hammock in a floodplain that borders Turkey Creek. To access this trail, take the connector off the easternmost point of Odd Buck. After heavy rain, this trail can be underwater.


This 1.5 mile loop can be accessed via connector trails from either Hammock Hub or Bramble Ramble. There is some elevation change, but it is mostly sweeping curves. When you take the southeast exit from Sweetgum toward Ravine, there is a picnic table at the horse trail crossing.


This trail follows a ravine with quick, steep ups and downs for thrills. It connects to several trails, such as Canebrake 8, Sweetgum, and Odd Buck.

Tortoise Tumble

This short trail can be used as a shortcut on Tung Nut Loop.

Live Oak Loop

This 1 mile loop features rolling terrain and passes an old farm building. It is accessed from Canebrake 8.

Canebrake 8

This 0.8 mile loop is accessed from a connector off Sweetgum. The trail is in the shape of a figure 8. The trail is on either side of a seasonal seephead stream, crossing it at the waist of the 8. There is fast elevation change with a steep rooty section.