We’ve been hard at work making updates to our online presence in an effort to better provide you with the information and updates about San Felasco Hammock Preserve that interests you most. We’ve totally re-thought how that information is provided and are proud to introduce you to our new website: Sanfelasco.org!

At Sanfelasco.org you can:

  • Find detailed info and maps about our network of hiking, equestrian, and mountain bike trails
  • Sync with our up-to-date calendar of CSO and park events
  • Learn what’s involved in becoming volunteer and how you can give back to the park and your community
  • Join the CSO or offer a donation to help preserve our park
  • Contact the CSO with questions and ideas

While we’ve still a few bugs to work out, the site’s ready for prime-time. Browse around and use our contact form to let us know what you think!