Picture this…you’re out enjoying a perfect day ripping through the mountain bike trails at San Felasco when …psssssht… your tire goes flat and your left stranded realizing you brought a spare tube but left your tools and pump in the car.

We’ve been there. The only choice available to you in the past was to hoof it out of the park on your own two feet That’s about to change. We’re putting your membership dues to work and have approved the purchase of three outdoor bicycle repair stations to be built locally by Jennifer Skyles in Ocala, Fl and permanently installed throughout the park!

The stations feature a saddle hook to hang your bike, stainless tools for repair, and pump. The stations will be installed in three locations throughout the park (TBD). Keep an eye out for them in the coming months. Hopefully you won’t have to use them…but they’ll be there just in case!