Volunteers are the heart and soul of San Felasco. We have plenty of opportunities for you to give back to the trails you love so much.

Have you ever wondered?

Who builds and maintains the trails at San Felasco?

When are downed limbs and debris removed after a storm?

How you can join in and lend a helping hand?

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Join us the second Saturday of each month and discover the answers! It’s only through the hard work and commitment of volunteers like you that we’re able to build and maintain San Felasco’s vast network of bicycle, equestrian, and hiking trails. You don’t have to be a member to pitch in and no experience is required. All are welcome!

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So mark the date on your calendar, meet at the CSO building at Park Headquarters, and help us preserve this natural resource so that it might continued to be enjoyed by all who visit now, and in the years to come. Lunch is provided and good times are guaranteed. We’ll see you there!

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